Jazmine Pippa Dyer in Action


The Voice Beyond the Veil (2005) Written by Jazmine Pippa Dyer
The Last Trek (1987) Workshopped by 7 women, Directed Clare Stopford
Mixed Blood (Women's Festival 1984) Written & Directed by Jazmine Pippa Dyer


The Voice Beyond the Veil (2006) (Cape Town Festival)(Jessica) Dir: Bronwen Howes
The Voice Beyond the Veil (2005) (Grahamstown Festival)(Jessica) Dir: Lynne Maree
The Last Trek (1987) Dir: Clare Stopford mentored by Barney Simon.
Northern Lights (1985) Dir: Minky Schlesinger
Ward Music (1984)Written and Dir: Bruce Koch mentored by Barney Simon
Sister Mary Ignatius Explains it all for You (1983) (BAXTER THEATRE) (Philomena)
Accidental Death of an Anarchist (Dario Fo) (1982) (OUR HOUSE THEATRE)
Dir: Louise du Plessis
Late Night Cabaret (HERMIT THEATRE) Dir: Saira Essa
Coming Home (1982) (HERMIT) Dir: Muthal Naidoo
The Restoration of Arnold Middleton (1982) (HERMIT) Dir: Brenda Lauth
Just Growing (1981) (Children Theatre Group toured a year with Giselle Turner)
Children of the Wolf (1981) (HERMIT) (Linda) Dir: Clive Rodel
Bar and Ger (1981) (OUR HOUSE) (Ger) Dir: Garth Anderson
Play it again Sam (1981) (OUR HOUSE) (Linda) Dir: Louise du Plessis
Veronica's Room (1979) (MARKET THEATRE) (Susan) Dir: Jo Dunstan
The Disguise (1979) (SPACE THEATRE) Dir: Brian Astbury
The Guise (1979) (SPACE) (Luce) Dir: Peter Stevenson
The Kimberly Circus (1978) (The Fat Lady) (BAXTER) Dir: David Crichton
Four Play (1978) (Arlene) (SPACE) Dir: Sylvia
Boeing Boeing (1978) (CAPAB/Comedy/Toured S.A.) (Susan)Dir: Roger Dwyer
Four Twins (1977) (SPACE) Dir: John Nankin
Veronica's Room (1977) (Ira Levine thriller) (BAXTER) (Susan) Dir: Jo Dunstan
The Incredible Jungle Journey of Fenda Maria (1977)(SPACE) (Takaya)
Dir: Dorian McLaren
The Misanthrope (1977)(Nico Malan/CAPAB) (Masseur) Dir: Robin Lake
Loves the Best Doctor (1977)(Nico Malan/CAPAB)(Lucrece/Doctor)Dir: Robin Lake
Much Ado about Nothing (1977)(Maynardville/CAPAB)(took over lead of Hero after Lois Butlin broke her foot.) Dir: Roy Sergeant
Camino Real (1976) (UCT) (Rosita) Dir: Mavis Taylor
A Midsummer Nights Dream (1976) (UCT) (Cobweb) Dir: Professor Robert Mohr
You can't take it with you (1976) (UCT) (Rheba) Dir: Mavis Taylor
Jan Pallach (1975) (SPACE) Dir: Dorian McClaren
The Cavern (1975) (UCT) (Chamber maid) Dir: Robin Lake
Little Boxes (1973) (UCT) Dir: Christopher Ross-Smith
Trevor (1973) (UCT) Dir: Peter Krummeck
America Hurrah (1973) (UCT) Dir: Mavis Taylor


Westgate (1986) Television drama Series


6 x 8 (1975) (UCT) (Anne Boleyn) Choreographer: Sue Goodman
Late Nite Melange (1975) (UCT) Choreographer: Sue Goodman


In concert with Jazmine Pippa Dyer (1988) (KIPPIES JAZZ VENUE) Lyrics/compositions/vocals Jazmine-Pippa Dyer. Arrangements/piano Hilton Schilder, Mac McKenzie/bass, Janie van Tonder/trombone.
½ hour of jazz (1987) (Windybrow) Roy Kessel/keyboard, Chris Tokalon/Sax/trumpet/ vocals, Jazmine Pippa Dyer/vocals.
Rock with the War (1986) (Black Sun) Lyrics and compositions by Jazmine Pippa Dyer and Cathy Zerbst. Arranged by Kevin Feather, vocals Jazmine Pippa Dyer
Dark of the Moon (1976) (UCT) (Mrs Summey) Dir: Robin Lake
Bird on a Wire (1975)(Leonard Cohen review)(UCT)(Singing & guitar) Dir: Aubrey Berg
The Owl and the Pussycat (1973) (UCT) Dir: Sue Broer
Three-penny Opera (1973) (UCT) Dir: Christopher Ross-Smith


Butterflies Don't Count (1981)
The Laughalong Show (1981)